Contributors: Radka Krejčí

Mors Mortis Museum is proud to feature Radka Krejčí who will contribute to the Heritage, Tourism, and Death section of the upcoming Routledge handbook: Museums, Heritage, and Death with her work titled: Challenges faced by the owners of historical monuments that present human remains in today’s world. 

Radka says that because she is responsible for the Ossuary in Kutná Hora – Sedlec, she became interested in death related topics. “Meeting the visitors in the Ossuary who are really interested in the church, its history, the wide context of the place and its message: Memento Mori – remember your death. And also the knowledge that what we do now will last for centuries. That’s the most motivating aspect of my work.” She also says:

“Death is the message of the place I work. But the message slowly disappears in the middle of many fast tourists and selfie sticks…and this is also part of my job to protect the place, its unique spirit and the message.”

Radka says that her favorite exhibition regarding death is currently under construction. “It should be opened within three years as a part of the cemetery church of All Saints with the Ossuary. It will be a new layer of the sightseeing route in the Ossuary.The whole Cemetery church is under big reconstruction but still open to the public. The newly emerging exposition should deepen awareness of the long history of the ossuary as well as to remind the medieval methods of place as well as to remind the medieval methods of burial.” She also mentions that her favorite museum is Vasa in Stockholm Sweden. “that’s one of the most powerful museums I have ever seen,” she says. 

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By Jesse Morgan, a Communication and Photography Student at Coastal Carolina University, USA. 

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