Contributors: Charles Clary

Mors Mortis Museum is proud to feature Charles Clary who will contribute to the Public Education and Engagement in Museums and Heritage section of the upcoming Routledge handbook: Museums, Heritage, and Death with his work titled: Transforming Memento Mori: A Contemporary Lens. Charles says that his work stems from the loss of both his motherContinue reading “Contributors: Charles Clary”

Trauma, Art, Grieving, and Memento Mori

Our inaugural blog comes from artist Charles Clary, who was kind enough to design our MMM logo. Clary recently won the $12,500 People’s Choice 2D award at the regional art competition ArtFields in South Carolina, as well as the Jury Chosen $2,000 Merit Award for his piece “Memento Morididdle.” Follow his recent work on hisContinue reading “Trauma, Art, Grieving, and Memento Mori”

DaCNet Conference: Day 1

By Katie Clary Night 1 of the conference I headed over to a pub for games and introductions to the DaCNet crew. I knew I was in the right place when I walked in and heard people asking, “Are you here for death??”  I met all kinds of people from all over the world workingContinue reading “DaCNet Conference: Day 1”